Fitter Docs was originally created for doctors who worked hard in the private practice setting but never really learned or understood the business of medicine.  It was designed as an easy button to not only market their practice but also create their own personal brand so that they are able to see the patients who already identify with them.  This also allowed their patients to fully know and understand their physician aside from random third party review sites that may or may not (most of the cases) be accurate. It allowed people to truly pick their doctors based on who they are rather than a resume.

Over a short period of time, Fitter Docs became a lead resource for other medical professionals to market their own businesses.  Rather than just marketing, Fitter Docs focuses on reducing the liability of the medical professional by increasing communication and improving branding which allows people to truly understand them.  After all, miscommunication and poor communication is the number one reason why healthcare professionals get sued.

Smart Advertising & Marketing for Medical Professionals, designed by a medical doctor.


We work with you on developing your own personal brand. We help you determine what makes you stand out amongst the masses so that we can not only create a following but elevate your brand to be the best.
We don’t stop at average, we stop only when you tell us to stop. Creating a loyal following of your brand becomes a lifelong trait of ultimate success.


We constantly learn about things that work and things that do not. The face of modern advertising changes all the time. Strategies differ as often as monthly, but we use data analytics to provide the highest rate of success for the lowest cost.
We learn from a large network of world leading marketers to understand, innovate, and adapt to our own solutions. Let us keep up with changing strategies for you while you do what you do best.


One piece of content to transform into 100 pieces of marketing directly targeted at your target audience. We help you create meaningful content that allow your patients/customers to love you for you
Our team excels at knowing what, when, and how to deliver content in deliverable manifestations allowing you to increase your reach and build your list like never before!



Creation is the first step on the road to success. Here at Fitter Docs, we see something about you that can be teased out into valuable content which we then in turn use it to create more content.
The end goal is to convert customer leads into conversions/sales and maximize their exposure to your brand.  This valuable insight is difficult to pick up and even more difficult to cary out.  We believe we have the winning formula and want to create it for you!

Meet Our Team

Dr. Cheng Ruan
Dr. Cheng RuanCEO
Dr. Ruan is a board certified Internal Medicine physician in private practice in Katy, TX. He has special interest in community serivce, health techonologies, and social media to improve the patient/physician relationship.
We have a team of dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to deliver content on time. Every day that content is not delivered through marketing and/or advertising is another day of revenue lost. We treat your time like its our own and will strive to work through all hours to meet deadlines.
Trey Martinez
Trey Martinez Managing Partner of FitterDocs
Trey Martinez is the Managing Partner of FitterDocs, a modern-day marketing agency servicing medical professionals. Trey has 7+ years in the marketing and media industry with projects with names like Mariel Hemingway (Actress/Author/Speaker) and running successful Political Campaigns in the Greater City of Houston, to working with small-medium size local businesses. He is passionate about creating a positive relationship with his clientele, where they are ecstatic about the services, because they are reaching their goals. Trey is ready to serve you and achieve your business goals!
Rhea Saycon
Rhea SayconHead of Marketing and Advertising
She is an energetic single mother of 2 who learned how to multitask (as all single moms do) while creating valuable content and is an expert in modern day marketing strategies.
Hya Callao
Hya CallaoMedical Transcriptionist | Video Editor
She’s an active person, loves to play sport and a great chess player.

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